OGURA is a factory brand launched by Ogura Orimono, a long-established silk Jacquard brand.

Founded in 1895, the company has been engaged in working with silk for more than 100 years and has continued to convey the beauty of silk to the world.

The most attractive thing about silk is its texture.

It is so gentle to the skin that it is called "second skin" and its surprisingly delicate and soft texture is enhanced by the "silk Jacquard".

However, the history of silk Jacquard is now coming to an end.

We, Ogura Orimono, are now the only silk Jacquard factory in Japan, where there used to be more than 100 companies. The culture that has been cultivated is about to disappear due to the lack of successors of craftsmen.

We feel that the reason for this serious situation is that mass production and mass consumption have led to an excessive demand for "price over quality" and "functionality over emotive value".

Our goal is to "deliver excitement to our customers with silk Jacquard". This could not be done by mass production by machinery.

We wish to deliver truly good products to people who are striving to live in the modern age, to color their daily lives with health and enrichment, and to hand down the tradition to the future. It is with this strong desire that we launched OGURA.

Please experience the allure of silk Jacquard through OGURA.