About your order

Q1.Can I order by phone?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please place your order online.

Q2.What are the payment methods?

Credit card payment and bank transfer are available.

Q3.Do you charge for shipping?

Shipping within Japan is free. Asia (United Arab Emirates / Yemen / Israel / India / Indonesia / Uzbekistan / Oman / Qatar / Cambodia / Saudi Arabia / Singapore / Thailand / Turkey / Philippines / Brunei / Vietnam / Malaysia / Myanmar / Laos / South Korea / Hong Kong / Taiwan / China ) is 2,000JPY. Shipping to other countries is 3,000JPY.

Q4.Does it mean that the product is secured when it is in the cart?

It will be secured at the time of order (settlement) completion, and it will not be secured when it is in the cart. Please note.

Q5.Can I change the products or quantity after completing the order?

Due to the specifications of our ordering system, once an order has been confirmed, it cannot be changed.

Q6.Can I ask for gift wrapping?

very sorry. Noshi and packaging are not supported.

Q7.Can I return or exchange an item?

Unless the product is defective, basically we cannot accept returns. Regarding the return method, after receiving the return request from the inquiry, we will inform you of the return address and return method. We do not accept product exchanges. Contact: Contact form

About product delivery

Q1.Can I change the shipping address after completing the order?

It is possible to change the shipping address before the product has been shipped. Please contact us from the inquiry form after entering the shipping address information after the change as follows.

Q2.Can I divide and ship multiple orders?

We ship products by order number. We are unable to ship multiple items separately. Thank you for your understanding.

Q3.Can I specify the delivery date and time?

It is not possible to specify the date and time at the time of ordering. If you wish to specify the date and time, please contact the delivery company yourself. Please note that we may not be able to deliver as specified due to delivery times (Golden Week, year-end and New Year holidays), weather conditions, and other circumstances.


Changes can be made before the product is prepared for shipment. Please note that once an item has been prepared for shipment, it cannot be changed.
If you would like to make a change, please contact us using the inquiry form, quoting your order number.


Normally, we will ship within 7 business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) from the completion of your order until the product is shipped. Please note that some deliveries may be delayed depending on the order status.


You will automatically receive an email when your order has shipped.

Q7.Can you issue a receipt?

We can issue receipts. Please specify the order number and the desired address from the inquiry below and contact us. Please note that we cannot reissue receipts. Please note.
Contact: Contact form

Q8.Can you ship to remote islands?

We can deliver to the following countries.
USA / UAE / Yemen / UK / Israel / Italy / India / Indonesia / Ukraine / Uzbekistan / Australia / Oman / Netherlands / Qatar / Canada / Cambodia / Saudi Arabia / Singapore / Switzerland / Sweden / Spain / Thailand / Germany / Turkey / New Zealand / Norway / Philippines / Finland / France / Brunei / Vietnam / Belgium / Poland / Portugal / Malaysia / Myanmar / Mexico / Laos / Russia / South Korea / Hong Kong / Taiwan / China

Questions about products

Q1.Please tell me how to take care of it.

[Washing method]
1. First, wash by hand with water and neutral detergent.
*Please do not add bleach.
*Add fabric softener according to the detergent instructions. As little as possible is preferable.
② When rinsing, fold the product neatly and shake it by hand to drain the water while changing the water several times.
③ Wrap it in a towel and dehydrate it.
④ When it is half dry, put a cotton handkerchief on it and press the steam iron on it at a moderate temperature.
⑤ Dry in the shade.

[Storage method]
Store in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight.
If you store it in a closet, be sure to put insect repellent in it. We recommend that you take it out of the dresser occasionally and dry it in the shade in a well-ventilated place.

Q2.I would like you to confirm the color of the actual product as it is different from the product image on the website.

The product images are posted in colors that are as close to the actual product as possible, but there may be differences in color, processing, size, etc. depending on the shooting environment and the settings of the customer's monitor. Please note.

Questions about membership registration

Q1.I cannot register as a new member.

If you cannot register as a new member to the store, there is a possibility that you have already registered as a member with the same email address. You can log in as a member with the email address you tried to register, so please try logging in here If you forget your password, please reissue your password and try logging in.

Q2.I would like to know how to register as a new member.

You can register from the new member registration page.
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