Founded Ogura Orimono

The founder, Choemon Ogura, founded Ogura Orimono.


War and reconstruction

During World War II, Ogura Orimono was forced to close down. After the war, we began manufacturing and selling uniform textiles successfully reviving Ogura Textiles.


The United States and Ogura Orimono

During the period when the exchange rate was 360 yen to 1 US dollar, the American Silk Association visited Japan to inspect its silk-producing regions. Walter Strassburger, the Chairman of the association, visited Ogura Orimono and conveyed the potential of Japanese silk textiles.


Europe and Ogura Orimono

His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince visited various European countries to attend the coronation ceremony of Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom. During this visit, His Imperial Highness specifically requested the purchase of Ogura Textiles' Honkinmon Shirase and Honkinmon Palace as souvenirs.


Ultimate quality

We were honored to receive the Minister of International Trade and Industry Award, the highest prize, at the 7th All-Japan Small and Medium Enterprises Export Promotion Exhibition.


The Imperial Family and Ogura Orimono

His Imperial Highness Prince Mikasa visited us. Upon the opening of the Tokyo Takanawa Guest House, we received a designated order for interior furnishings.


Industry reputation

We received the Silk Thread Achievement Award from His Imperial Highness Prince Takamatsu at the Japan Silk Foundation.


Design and Ogura Orimono

We received the "Design Excellent Company Award", which is given to companies that are considered to be suitable for the next-generation corporate model that practices management while using design as an important management resource and pioneers society.


olympic scarves

We have manufactured and delivered the TOKYO2020 official scarf.